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About me

Several customer have ask why I changed the format of the site .It?s a good question and it was difficult to move on .But it was time to move ahead with new ideas  and focus on new and interesting projects .I am really excited about our new plants there?s a great deal to learn and change is in the air..

I like to think of myself as the traditional English gardener. Pottering around the borders with a Panama hat and trowel tending rare and interesting new plants from distant shores in the greenhouse to keep me interested. 

I still work with educational bodies; private plant collections, universities, museums and supply information and material to those institutions.

The words below are not mine they come from greater men than me 

We cannot save the earth .The earth will be here in a billion years we need to save each other.

There is no shortage of resources there will never be a shortage of resources, gold diamonds, coal, there is more today than there has ever been .There is only a shortage of good will and human kindness  

To me the customer is king .I like to get orders correct and give more than the customer buys either in information or service

When I originally started selling plants a few years ago it was at church fetes and fun days .Because of the English weather the venues were mostly rained off .Then finally one sunny Sunday morning the sky?s turned black, the gentle wind turned into a shrieking gale and it destroyed my stall. Since then I have been dealing in plants and seeds on the internet and I don?t even have to get wet. 

Updated  1st  November 2016